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Welcome to our Ocean Blue Punta Cana diary. My name is John and I would like to share with you the best all inclusive Dominican Republic resorts which my wife Cindy and I stayed at in our caribbean vacations.

Punta Cana coconut

All related to our love for the Dominican Republic which is the most beautiful romantic place in the Caribbean for Dominican tours, activities and Dominican Republic beach vacations.

If you intend to spend Your Caribbean vacations, alone or with your family, in the beautiful Dominican Republic, maybe as much as my wife and I always prefer, then let me introduce some amazing Dominican Republic resorts and caribbean hotels to you.

palm tree punta cana

The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular tropical vacation destinations where Caribbean beach enthusiasts like You and me love to spend our Caribbean vacations.

All over the world families with kids, couples and singles are attracted by the all inclusive Dominican hotel plans offered by the many Punta Cana resorts and Caribbean hotels, combined with amazing tropical and Caribbean vacation surroundings.

'There are over 50 Punta Cana resorts and Dominican hotels available for You and your family with 30,000 Caribbean hotel rooms to have one of Your best Dominican Republic vacations'.

The first time we went to the Dominican Republic together was in one of our first late 90's Caribbean vacations. Not knowing the Dominican Republic would almost become a second tropical vacation home to us.

It Was Wonderful...

couple on Punta Cana beach

...The Merengue music, the friendly Dominican people, delicious Dominican foods, awesome Caribbean nature and Dominican wildlife and not to forget the beautiful white tropical Dominican Republic beaches with those characteristic Caribbean coconut trees and amazing evening ocean views.

And I loved the warm water ocean with its Dominican marine life. All combined with a great all inclusive Dominican hotel plan you should always get in Your Caribbean vacations.

'Me and my wife felt like having spend time in a Caribbean dream'.

After our first Dominican Republic vacation I was telling all my friends and family members about this very special Caribbean vacation place. Advising them to go to the Dominican Republic some time. My sister even got married there!

The white sand Dominican beaches will always be one of our favourite Caribbean relaxing places in the world.

In my line of work I travel a lot. Get to see some really great tropical beach places too. 'But nothing beats the Caribbean beaches of the Dominican Republic in my opinion'. Feel free to discover more of my personal Dominican Republic resort reviews and find the information You need about this beautiful Caribbean vacation place.

You will see some great Punta Cana pictures and virtual Dominican hotel tours too!

When Punta Cana Became A Fascination For Me....

It all started somewhere in the early 90's when I visited the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean beaches with my parents for the first time. As a teenager I was really looking forward to some Caribbean vacations in the Dominican Republic because it was a promise of my dad. All I had to do in return was getting my degree. No words can describe how good I felt when hard work resulted in this degree and..... of course one of the first wonderful Caribbean vacations in the Dominican Republic I had.

statue Punta Cana

The Dominican republic stayed in my life forever. My fascination for this Caribbean beach country, its Dominican history and Caribbean culture, friendly people, Dominican nature and Dominican marine life is all due to that one tropical vacation promise.

Later when I got to learn my wife, not in this Caribbean country by the way, I shared this fascination for the Dominican Republic with her.

She also loved the Dominican Republic to spend her Caribbean vacations with tropical beaches at Dominican hotel resorts. In the first years of our mariage we went to some great Dominican resorts in our Caribbean vacations. Exploring every tropical aspect there was to see at this beautiful country called Dominican Republic.

Our love for the Dominican Republic became enormous. We loved it so much that we kept a diary (our Ocean Blue Punta Cana diary) of it for years to share with our friends and family. Inspiring them to visit these tropical beaches and resort hotels in their vacations. And now my wife and I share these Caribbean vacation resort reviews online with You and your family....

There is much to write about in this travel diary and will be as long as my wife and I keep going to Punta Cana. Staying at the marvellous Dominican Republic resorts and wonderful Caribbean beach hotels with romantic ocean sea views. Therefore regular updates of our Punta Cana resort reviews will be put online here. You can follow these updates about the Dominican Republic by the RSS subscription.

Here Are A Few Top Rated Resorts Reviewed In The Punta Cana Diary!

There are over 50 Punta Cana resorts and Dominican Republic hotels reviewed in this diary. All to give You as much Punta Cana vacation information as possible. Enjoy the stories my wife and I wrote down for You!

Table of Contents
Punta Cana Blog Ocean Blue Punta Cana diary
The Punta Cana Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Ocean-Blue-Punta-Cana.com website.

My Punta Cana Resort Reviews, A First Step To Help You Choose
I would love to share with You the Punta Cana resort reviews we made of some great all inclusive Punta Cana resorts visited in Caribbean vacations.

Where is Punta Cana? Get The Answer Before Your Caribbean Vacation
Most people just step into a plane not asking themselves Where is Punta Cana? This Caribbean area is known best for its white-sand Punta Cana beaches

This Punta Cana Map Lets You See Amazing Dominican Details
Thanks to Google we can easily zoom in the Punta Cana map now. Look at the right side of the Domincan Republic. Zoom in to see Punta Cana airport.

Punta Cana All Inclusive Resorts, Great For The Whole Family
Punta Cana All Inclusive resorts are the best way to spend Caribbean vacations. Providing nice accommodations, meals, drinks and Punta Cana activities

What Is Punta Cana Weather Like? Tropical & Caribbean Temperatures
Punta Cana weather can be a strange Punta Cana vacation experience. The Dominican Republic has tropical temperatures with its own characteristics.

Dominican Republic Food & Punta Cana Drinks, Amazing Flavours!
Dominican Republic food and Punta Cana drinks are a combination of Spanish and African influences in Punta Cana restaurants. How did this happen?

Dominican Republic Independence Day, Punta Cana Parades, Carnivals
February 27 is the Dominican Republic Independence Day. Celebrated with Caribbean parades and carnivals in Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic.

Punta Cana Airport Is Built In A Traditional Dominican Style
Landing at Punta Cana airport is a great Dominican vacation experience. If your seat is near the window you get to see a first glimpse of Punta Cana.

Cheap Flights To Dominican Republic, Do Your Flight Search First!
How do I find my cheap flights to Dominican Republic? To make sure that my wife and I never pay to much for our Punta Cana flights we start with a flight search first.

Punta Cana Dominican Republic Tours & Trips, Your Best Experiences
It took us a while before finding out which Punta Cana Dominican Republic tours and trips were possible in Punta Cana vacations. Especially snorkeling

Activities In Punta Cana Vacations You Do Not Want To Miss
We like all Dominican activities possible in Punta Cana vacations. My wife especially enjoys her Caribbean surfing skills at the Punta Cana ocean.

Punta Cana Resorts, Which is Best? A Very Personal Choice
Advising you which of the Punta Cana resorts in the Dominican Republic is best for Your Punta Cana vacation is all related to Your personal demands

Ocean Blue Punta Cana diary Reviews The Golf Beach Resort
We liked writing about the Golf & Beach resort in our Ocean Blue Punta Cana diary. This Punta Cana hotel Dominican Republic ensures great family Caribbean vacations.

Excellence Punta Cana, A Luxurious Adult Only Caribbean Resort
Excellence Punta Cana resort is an adult only super luxurious Punta Cana hotel located at the eastern shores of the Dominican Republic.

Grand Oasis Punta Cana, Great Hotel For Punta Cana Vacations
Grand Oasis Punta Cana resort has beautiful tropical gardens. It is one of the Caribbean vacation features that make this Punta Cana resort a beauty.

Iberostar Punta Cana Bavaro, With Most Friendly Dominican Staff
The Iberostar Punta Cana hotel really has the most friendly Dominican staff my wife and I ever met at our Caribbean vacations in Punta Cana.

Paradisus Punta Cana Resort Really Is Paradise In The Caribbean!
We stayed at Paradisus Punta Cana resort in Dominican Republic together with my sister and her husband Mike. What a beautiful Punta Cana vacation!

Bahia Principe Punta Cana, Enormous Hotel With A White Sand Beach
Relaxing is all we did at the Caribbean Bahia Principe Punta Cana Resort Dominican Republic. We liked our best Caribbean Punta Cana vacation here!

Dominican Republic Vacations, Affordable Hotels & Punta Cana Resorts
You might be wondering right now where to get the most affordable Dominican Republic vacations. Why not go for the best rates AND the best site!

Why A Punta Cana Beach Is Beautiful And Romantic In Vacations?
Words like white sand Punta Cana beach, Caribbean palm trees, cristal clear Punta Cana ocean waters, are closely related to the best Dominican Beaches

The Best Punta Cana Resort In Our Punta Cana Diary Is
Which is our favourite Punta Cana resort? Let me explain how a Punta Cana hotel becomes our favourite. First the overall feeling is very important.

Barcelo Punta Cana Bavaro, Amazing Beach Complex Of Five Hotels
Some beautiful Caribbean vacation resort! Barcelo Punta Cana Bavaro hotel, a Dominican beauty among Punta Cana resorts and Dominican Republic hotels.

Punta Cana Hotel Dreams Resort, Your Caribbean Vacations Dream!
Only the Punta Cana hotel Dreams Resort gave us the best high level unlimited Punta Cana luxury we like to spoil ourselves with in Caribbean vacations

Travel reviews in the world. See the links in our Ocean Blue Punta Cana diary
Reviews in the world. I come across many websites from webmasters who share my fascinating of writing about a special very place in the world.

Ocean Blue Punta Cana diary - Contact
Feel free to contact me for more information about Punta Cana and its resorts.

Ocean Blue Punta Cana diary - Disclaimer
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